inkscrawl is an online journal featuring the finest short speculative poetry.

In Fall 2011, inkscrawl’s creator, Mitchell Hart, announced the magazine’s closing. However, some of us loved inkscrawl so much that we decided to bring it back – with Mitchell’s blessing, and under a new editorship. inkscrawl is now published by Stone Bird Press, and edited by Samantha Henderson.



Samantha Henderson’s poetry has been published in Strange Horizons, Goblin Fruit, Stone Telling, Star*Line, Mythic Delirium, and other venues. She is the winner of the Rhysling Award for “In the Astronaut Asylum,” co‐written with Kendall Evans.


Rose Lemberg at Stone Bird Press.


Issue 5 saw the return of Mitchell Hart, founder and original editor of inkscrawl. Enjoy the chaos.

Issue 7 was guest-edited by Jennifer Smith, the regular copyeditor and digitizer. She greatly enjoyed saying 'yes' to poems, hated saying 'no', and is content enough to scurry behind the scenes again.

Issues 9 and 10 were guest-edited by Bogi Takács, who writes speculative poetry and fiction by night, works in a psycholinguistics lab by day, haunts Twitter 24/6 and has adventures with eir cheerful neuroatypical family.


Founder and Original Editor:

Mitchell Hart is a poet who hails from California. He is fond of books, cats, and tea, not necessarily in that order. When he has time, he enjoys writing poetry, and upon occasion, short fiction. He had founded inkscrawl to seek out and publish the finest short poetry, as it seems there is depressing lack of a market for minimalist poetry.

In October 2011, Mitchell announced that he would no longer be able to publish inkscrawl.