Toby MacNutt

The Map, the World, the Dancer

Today, they are making the world. A dancer's feet Formless Ground Enter: jump clean, slide R to 3x stomp
are carving branching curves into a smooth bed of clay, sinuous limbs River Delta slide up over — river toes slow sine,
turning square, rising, and with each step the ground to match; Steppes reverse, square to L, rising hop-ups into roll front
moisture, puddling around red-smeared feet and ankles, squelching Glacier Valley cinq plank, down curl open sweep both L close,
between toes, under arches, piling earth into thin sloping banks; rising, Mountain Ridge elbows in! pop up, dub butterfly drag, L R L rnd.
with terra cotta cracking at elbows and belly, moving ever outward, ever higher; High Desert elev, wobble circle, spiral trip turns 4x, flying
piercing the churned surface, wells filling, columns rising unevenly round, out, out Ruined Stone dips/pulls scatter, burrow toes
out until wandering has purpose, ease, momentum, running till at last Road to the Known travel down R down down R down L up more L
as the great fire is lit beneath the clay, stamping home. Home quick out L, close home pos, fin

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Toby MacNutt is a creator and teacher from Vermont. Their choreography has not, to date, produced any cartography, but perhaps that should change. Other poems have recently been published by Goblin Fruit, Liminality, and New Myth. More:, or Twitter @tylluan.