Sheree Renée Thomas


the street is full of gods
night merged with day

sea merged with sky
the turbulent waters rise

naked trees dance
to furious music

wind spirits drift and moan
in luminous branches

stars circle each other
cosmic ring shout

Sheree Renée Thomas is the author of Sleeping Under the Tree of Life (Aqueduct Press, August 2016) and Shotgun Lullabies. She is also the first African American to win the World Fantasy Award (2001, 2005) for editing the acclaimed Dark Matter anthologies. Born in Memphis, her stories and poems appear in journals and anthologies, including The Moment of Change, An Alphabet of Embers, Callaloo, Jalada, Memphis Noir, Mythic Delirium, Mojo: Conjure Stories, So Long Been Dreaming, Stories for Chip, Strange Horizons, and Transition. Look for new work in Revise the Psalm.