Merav Hoffman

Zipcar in Heaven

I met Elijah the Prophet on the commuter train.
His eyes were deep and wise and his suit was frayed, and burnt looking around the edges.

I said "I know this game. This is the game where you go out among the
common people and do miracles, like a king in a storybook, dressing
like a commoner, and when someone recognizes you, you disappear in a
puff of smoke, leaving the whole village mystified, and the poor man's house full of food."

Elijah turned to me and a smile crinkled up his face. "No," he said,
"Solomon borrowed my ride to impress the Queen of Sheba. It's their anniversary."
And he stood in line for his ticket like the rest of us.

Merav Hoffman runs music events, works as a music archivist, and co-founded the band Lady Mondegreen. She edits long-form fiction and short stories and co-edited a poetry anthology with Meredith Schwartz. When she's not writing, editing, or singing, she crochets color theory afghans, makes elaborate lists with notes and diagrams and excels in accidentally introducing brilliant collaborators.