Keely Sarr

Travel Review: Reykjavík, Iceland

I was told, Iceland, that you're stolid,
rustic, glacial in April, and full

of trolls, who lounge on signposts,
hijack buses, stop rush hour traffic,

or suck bones mid-road, eyes
the size of training wheels.

Yet I'd be colder in Central Park on Christmas Eve,
and I can find more trolls at home (if I go out late

and check under some great stone, a cracking bridge,
or the neighbors' compost bin).

Keely Sarr is a storyteller, singer, and student blogger who lives exceptionally far from Reykjavík. She was a 2012 recipient of Cornell University's Dorothy Sugarman Poetry Prize, and a pair of her tiniest stories will be included in the 2013 anthology Leodegraunce: High End Flash Fiction.