Shannon Connor Winward

Unsinkable Me

I made snow cones while the Titanic sank. Flavor is hard to find
on icebergs, but I had crème de menthe in my pocket,
so it worked out just fine.

I never knew how inviting the ocean could be, but we became fast friends
the night she sank that big ship for me.

I liked the water pitted with color, all those floppy hats riding the waves.
I thought of playing leapfrog, but my boots were in steerage

and, tsk
me in stocking’d feet.

Poems by Shannon Connor Winward have appeared in Pedestal Magazine, Strange Horizons, Jabberwocky, SageWoman, Enchanted Conversation and the 2012 Rhysling anthology, among other places. In between bouts of parenthood and other madness, she is currently at work on her second novel and her first collection of poems.