Scherezade Siobhan

Where are the daughters of Ciudad Juárez?

Inside the antediluvian terra-cotta
Inside the bedtime vigils of tequila
Inside the mimesis of horizontal waters
Inside the empyrean coyotes of Nahuatl
Inside the cloak & dagger cartels of piranhas
Inside the jigsaw ink of an Aztec hummingbird
Inside the parasols of marigolds carpeting
the footprints of cemeteries on dia de los muertos

Scherezade Siobhan is a psychologist, writer and the maker of world's finest Spanish omelettes. Her work has been published/is forthcoming in tNY.Press, Bluestem Magazine, Black & BLUE Writing, Cordite Poetry Review, The Nervous Breakdown, Electric Cereal, Mandala, Fruita Pulp & others. She owns and runs a small independent publishing outfit called Cyberhex Press & her first poetry collection Bone Tongue was published by Thought Catalog Books in 2015. She can be found squeeing about small furry animals, football (the proper kind) & neuroscience at viperslang or @zaharaesque