Issue 6: the journey

Edited by Samantha Henderson

i. all my mother’s sisters call

Michele Bannister. Relic of the Journey

Alexandra Seidel. The Adventurer Recalls Showing The Cartographer Her World

Francis W. Alexander. Last Caravan Haiku

Nancy Ellis Taylor. Of Sleep and Dreams and Random Things

Beth Cato. What We Carry

ii. the queen of elfland’s cup

Genevieve MacKay. Heptade

Peg Duthie. Even an Empty Life Can Hold Water

A.J. Odasso. Fallout

Romie Stott. The End of Tim

iii. the roads we walk in pieces

Paridhi Agarwal. I made it flood

S. Brackett Robertson. Sowing Passage

Alexandra Seidel. Trickster Bread

Peg Duthie. Making Rice Dance

Alicia Cole. Where the Rabbits Run, Near the Shore

iv. the dead lie uneasy

Ross Balcom. Untitled

Sonya Taaffe. Larva

Tim McLafferty. The Heart

v. a salty shore

Shannon Connor Winward. Unsinkable Me

Amanda Lynn. Ingot, Stick; There is a Train

Mari Ness. Iron Search

Albert W. Grohmann. Diffusion