Issue 7

Guest-edited by Jennifer Smith

Sandi Leibowitz. Song of the Hesperides

Erik Amundsen. Witch’s Primer, Lesson 4

Jonel Abellanosa. Nonfiction

Brittany Warman. L’Unicorne Qui S’Endort:
Bestiaire d’amour (fr. 1951, Folio 14r, Bibliotheque National de France) –

Mari Ness. Bone Song

Sonya Taaffe. Facilior

L. Chapman. Parting Gifts

Vajra Chandrasekera. Megrim

Marcia Arrieta. speculative

Lynette Mejía. Fairy Tale

Kendall Evans. Down the Black Sky

Ross Balcom. the explorer

A.J. Odasso. Queen of Cups

Alexandra Seidel. The Love Note That Was Called A Different Name

Noel Sloboda. My To Undo List